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Something I read today on Race

September 23, 2008

“Race…is a neutral description of human difference; racism, it suggests, is the misappropriation of such difference. The liberal consensus is that we must do away with such ideological misappropriation, but that we must ‘celebrate differences.’ It is understood as a ‘baby an bath water’ syndrome, in which the dirty water of racism must be eliminated, to reveal the cleansed and beloved ‘fact’ of racial identity”

Desiring whiteness by Sheshadiri Crooks

Yesterday, I found out that there’s no such thing as race in Sweden. Only ethnicity

A year ago, I was informed that race is a four-letter word that should not be used in the national political discourse of my country. Ethnicity is preferred.

Today, I am in a county where race is very much a BIG part of the discourse

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