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Would ideology drive the masses?

October 5, 2009

Ideology, an eight-lettered word laden with tonnes of possibilities and promises. A heavy-weight that is used to squash any reticent argument. Or any argument that claims itself un-ideological. What is this that is ideology.

Could it be blind faith? Or false optimism? Could it be a sense of living in denial of any other possibilities or paths? Is it a neurotic obsession with something that drives our thoughts and our actions within the conscious and unconscious landscape? Would any form of obsessive dreaming be counted as being ideologically-infused or must it be something that is consciously driven and focused? Can official religions be ideological, as does one’s obsessive stalking of another? After all, both are driven by particular beliefs, hopes and thoughts. Must we normalize our desires according to the order of things (of beings) before it can become ideological?

Must ideology be framed within political constructivism that leads to particular decision-making that is turned into policies to be implemented by the State decision-makers and minions?

Would there be ideology without theory? Without philosophy? Without theology? Without the teleological? What is this thing called a personal ideology. Does it exist or is it a mere abuse of the word ‘ideology’?

Hence, this begs the question, what is the ideology that drives the masses? To Marx and the Frankfurt school members, it seems to be the need to consume the endless reproduced materials. But is ideological a one-sided affair? Can you be a dialetical materialist while still be ideological?

How and why is ideology pejorative in one sense, and then positive in another?

Questions to be answered, and yet unanswered.

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