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Are you afraid….

October 20, 2009

of the one you see in the mirror in the dark of the night or the hour just out of bed,
the strident, unrelenting shriek you hear in the silence of dead hours,
the one who gives you nightmares you pretend to forget,
and where no Photoshopped effects could hide what everyone else could see but would not tell you,

(the photograph is said to be able to reveal the true picture of the soul, the ugliness and beauty within,
perhaps that is why so many taboos have been associated with photography, for the clicking shutter and flashing bulb is said to capture the soul for all eternity, rendering you a shell while devouring your self.)

the whispers you wish to block,
the visage you seek to vanquish with a roller-coaster life
of swirling society, fast-paced romances, and arrogant declarations.

But one day, there will be no one you could use as your shield, to be the scapegoat of your betrayals.
On that day, it will just be you,
your pretenses unmasked, your excuses dripping and dissolving

Are you afraid of that day?

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