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Watching a Zombie movie on Fri night

November 2, 2009

I have to thank my friend, Zach Blas, for introducing me to this awesome film, Otto;, or, Up With Dead People. It was a bit strange at first (though after having watched so many stranger films, I shouldn’t find this THAT strange). It was both tongue-in-cheek and terrifying in an unusual way (far from your run-of-the-mill gore). It’s very prosaic and poetic zombie-gore. Libertinuous if you like, giving voice and foregrounding the abject in a way that you, the audience, can never escape from. Also post-structuralist. Maybe in some ways, a parody of Baudrillard comes to mind. Most of the actors are non-native speakers of English with strategically arranged modes of articulation; their varied accents creating a kind of linguistic spatiality that weaves and slashes around a lush, discordant yet coherent bodies of multiple sonic-cells; schizophrenic and delusional, never comforting but always warm. And of course, there is the flesh meeting flesh, and the flesh embalming the world with its putrid heavings. And you think, are you, the audience, sutured and implicated into the scene?

I would say watch it if you dare. But beware of what the libertinuous mind here recommends.

Update: P.S. Something is nibbling at my mind…if you get around to watching this film, tell me, do you think there’s too much essentializing of queer theory going on there, particularly in the way in which the women (not very many of them) are depicted?

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