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Beleaguered and thinking about history of the book

November 20, 2009

I can’t believe how I have to dedicate my entire days and nights to trying to catch up with work. I can’t believe how much I am forever always over-committing myself. On top of my homework and papers, I still have some stuff to copy-edit for a journal. There is a conference going on this weekend sponsored by my dept and I doubt I can make most of it, seeing that I need to prep for big time presentation on Monday. I am behind my reading for a lot of stuff and I won’t even think more about catching up. It’s just about a month more before I get to go away to tropical land for winter and I am not even excited. In fact, I dread each passing day as it means nearer and nearer to deadline. Trying to juggle things I need to do and am supposed to do. I think I am becoming socially maladapted. Do I have time for humans? Not really. I suppose I am wiling to give up all pretense of sociability just so I can get through coursework stage as soon as I can and then spend all my time working on my projects and interests without further ‘course requirements’. Inspite of what some may say, dissertation writing is more fun, especially when you are working on something you are really passionate about.

I think for one of my papers, I would like to write about the history of the book as a form of the history of the text as a form of history of media studies as a form of history of consciousness. How human affective relations with intellectual culture has shaped the history of knowledge across generations, across geographies and civilizational histories. But I am not sure if it is feasible to do so now, or perhaps later.

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