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Hectic week and at least a ‘creative’ prototype is up and running

November 25, 2009

I’ve been laboring like crazy over the weekend, trying to refresh my memory of the less rudimentary aspects of xhtml as well as learn how to code css and a bit of javascript (both of which I still do not know a lot about) to fulfill the technical demands of a class digital project. Of course, doing that project gave me a chance to explore in greater detail another topic that I’ve been thinking a lot about and which I hope to make a part of my larger dissertation project. It’s still very much work in progress though for the part meant for the purpose of the class, is more or less done, except for the critical statement which I still need to make. You can read the critical statement of my collaborator first, and mine should be up by this Fri, the latest ,as I’ll need to work on my other seminar papers real soon, on top of working through another deadline unrelated to the seminar papers. Check out our work here at This project stops here for my collaborator but is the beginning of bigger things for me, so I am always on a look out for someone who is willing to think through a lot of the ideas with me. More of it would be added to the site, particularly under the “Future Expansion” when I have more time to sit down and think through where I will be moving to next from there. Certainly, the website would require a thorough redesign at some point as I move towards realizing the prototype and blueprint.

Last weekend, I’ve been been attending a conference organized by a few students from my academic program which also featured Stanley Aronowitz as the keynote speaker. I’ve made notes here and there, and am unfortunately a little distracted at times with my need to multitask as I work on conceptualizing the webdesign for the abovementioned prototype. But I will blog about some of the points which I find to be interesting and in relation to some of the areas of interest to me, as well as which pose food for thought, when I have a chance to recover from my minor illness.

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