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Moving to the Meyrin Site. And the site-ing of the LHC ‘corridor’

July 9, 2010

So, yesterday was an upheaval of movement and moving, as I had to tied up my stuff and have them ready for moving to the main site at CERN in the afternoon. And this happens just as I finally found the best bike route to work, lol. But it’s way better to be here, since it’s a lot easier for me to get to my various appointments and also research facilities. I’ll walk around this week with a camera and just take random photographs of the grounds and hallways by which I walk, and also of the different control rooms that I’ll be visiting. I am still trying to score an interview with a theorist but I suppose they have better things to do than to spend time with a science studies graduate student. Maybe what I need to do is to score an introduction through the network of people I know. I’ll see what I can do. Hopefully I’ll get a reply by Monday, as I know it’s a busy summer month.

Yesterday, as I moved for a night to a farmhouse-turn-apartment in Thoiry Allegmone as one of the grad students had to take an early train to Paris, and thus wanted the easier access from my more strategically located habitance. I was trying to get to Carrefour to buy myself some supplies but it seems that small town Carrefours close by 7:30pm (though the website had said Carrefour closes at 10 pm). At any rate, I found myself some dinner at a small Chinese restaurant at the Poinc Lion near the Rue des Hautains (like really high road, which I had trouble biking up when I tried to get there the day before). This is also the town in St Genis where the milking machine with the cow moo is to be found. I’m attaching some photos of this place here on the website that I managed to take with my camera. Some others had to come later as I had them in my Nokia phone and I forgot to bring the cable out with me!

Below is the view from the house I stayed a night in. Despite sleeping up in the loft that night, which supposedly overlooks Mont Blanc but of course, i could only see the sky, since the window is more of a skylight, it was so hot I could only sleep fitfully. Hence I woke up feeling unwell, and had to take a nap in the afternoon, after my morning appointment, lunch and some fitful work (as well as touristic exploration of Geneva online) at the library.

And below is a view of what I see when I bike to work from France to Switzerland.

And those tiny roundabouts one see around these small towns

While waiting for the bus in the town of Jean-Monnet, about 40 minutes walk from my previous abode when carrying a backpack with a heavy computer inside and another sling back with a heavy hardcover book (I’m a chiropractic caseload by the time I get home!)

Do you find it hard to believe that below these town lies the tunnels and infrastructure of the LHC? Even Geneve’s airport underground is the host to the big site. No wonder the paranoia. Yet, when I tried to ask the inhabitants which side of the road I should be to go to CERN, some just claimed ignorance. Anyway, I am reminded of Roswell in New Mexico. Perhaps it is time I should pay that site a visit too.

Would Malaysia even be remotely interested to be a host of such a billion dollar project? Well, the country may not be wide or big enough, unless we want to do it with Thailand. At this time, Malaysia is not a participant in the LHC project.

P.S. I didn’t know there’s a Karaoke downstairs. I hear someone singing but have no clue where that came from? Anyway work beckons today and I better try to get as much done so I can do some real sight-seeing tomorrow that goes beyond the I-was-lost drive through downtown Geneva last Tues.

P.P.S. Must get some pictures of some of the 1950 buildings at CERN. Imagine nuclear physics research going on here when the rest of the larger world are still fighting for their independence, sometime barefoot with handheld sickles.

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