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Blogging in a control room with screens of events and WC finals playing

July 11, 2010

Yup, this is what I spent most of my today at, the control room for the compact muon solenoid experiment. Since there isn’t much going on in term sof the physics, since my shift was the injection studies period, we only managed to see the cosmic showers of muons on the screens, and the calorimeters that had been calibrated to filtering them through. I have some cool photos that I’ll upload once I’ve a moment back in my room, though it would not be today, seeing how late it would be when I get back, and I’ve a full day tomorrow.

I only managed to visit the famous Patek Phillipe museum yesterday, as it was a bit too late by the time I was done. Doesn’t help that I got out rather late and museums mainly close by 6 pm. I have quite a bit more to say about the Patek Phillipe museum, which was at that time playing host to an exhibition on timepieces, automatons and other intricate luxury items sold to an eager Chinese market in the 18th century. In fact, there is much history to be talked about that this rather hurried entry would not do justice to. Unfortunately, I did not buy the rather nice catalogue to the exhibition as it was about 30 francs and I needed to start saving after my rather expensive stay here in Europe. However, there is a free, but still very glossy Patek Philippie catalogue given out for free that is worth a more detailed look-over and commentary, which I will do in another posting.

While walking about the old-town, I was waylaid by a guy who tries to be nice to me by asking if he could walk with me. He’s probably somewhere in his 40s. He works at a supermarket at the town of Chamonix off Geneva but says he lives in Geneva. He tried to invite me to his place for a drink but I politely declined by saying that I do not go to the homes of strangers. However, he took me to a small supermarket where I could get some supplies and also invited me for a walk in the park before I boarded the bus to a different part of town to continue my shopping.

So, nobody is scoring yet. It would be interesting that a goal can be achieved only via penalty kicks.

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