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Intellectual Cloud Trending?

September 18, 2010

If you were to do a cloud tags of all the intellectual ‘IT’ things of the last few decades, how would that look like? What sort of science used to make it to popular media and thus popular consciousness? I’ll start with what I know and everyone can add to it. Nothing here is conclusive nor exclusive.


– space-travel, cosmology, astrophysics, reproductive science, genetics, primate study, translations of French post-structuralist theories to the English-speaking world, rise of postcolonial studies, fordism, robotics, semiconductor physics, laser physics, Marxist discourse, historical revisionism, narratology, second-wave feminism


– Information systems, virtual systems, genetic engineering, bioethics, physical computing, robotics, biotechnology, condense matter physics, high-energy physics, post-fordism, increasing translation of French theories, revival of German theories, astrophysics, Fermat’s theorem, Islamic re-interpretation, cyborg world, science-fiction, cyberpunk


– Information system, virtual systems, high energy physics, da Vinci code, new media theories, speculative realism, Large Hadron Collider, robotics, neuroscience, consciousness, speculative fiction, Eastern philosophies, post-feminism, post-everything, Apocalyptic discourse.

One interesting question is, why do changing trends in the humanities seldom ever made it to the popular imagination?

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