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Excerpt to “That war on knowledge: Power, privilege and education (Part II)”

December 21, 2012

Malaysia has been trying to move up the knowledge economy ladder, given that we are losing out on “cheap” manual labour to the other rising economies around the region and nearby.

However, we are not entirely sure as to how exactly should that knowledge economy look like. For example, there is very little support provided to those who desire to pursue post-graduate education abroad and then return home to contribute outside that of the utilitarian sciences and practical arts, and especially at the doctoral level.

According to the initiative of MyBrain15, there is a goal of creating 60,000 PhD graduates by 2023, with priority given to science and technology fields (with no mention or acknowledgement of the humanities and social sciences in its e-brochure).

However, it is unclear as to the real criteria of selection, and how they intend to pursue this in collaboration with possible foreign partners, given how Malaysia’s higher education agents lack real collaboration and connection with most foreign institutions.

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