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The art of transcendental phenomenology – thoughts that don’t quite gel

May 26, 2013

Thinking aloud along the vein of Eugen Fink’s exposition on the Sixth Cartesian Meditation with Husserl’s thoughts: what is the transcendental theory of method-

1. Phenomenology of phenomenological reduction as the first problem in the transcendental theory of method – first not as an introductory problem but rather as a fundamental problem. The phenomenological reduction is not an arrangement of cognitive practices that one simply executes in order to enter into phenomenological attitude, and then putting that behind oneself.

2. How is it possible to bring into view, through mere indication, the problems that a theory of method about the phenomenological reduction must pose?

3. We can ask about not only how phenomenologizing came about as the performance of the reduction but why it takes place.. What is the motivation of phenomenological reduction?

When it comes to transcendental phenomenology, I often feel like I am working myself into a knot, because the phenomenology we are acquainted with is far from transcendental: it is grounded on the ‘thrownness’ and ‘givenness’ of the crude experiential.

More to come when I break into Husserl’s dissection of the crisis in the European sciences

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